Kevin Kehoe, a technical services employee at your corporate M-Global office, is

Kevin Kehoe a technical services employee at your corporate M-Global office is being considered for relocation and promotion to Executive Manager of Technical Services at M-Globals San Francisco office. Kevin has asked you to write a letter to the San Francisco Technical Services Senior Executive branch manager Jackson Juniper on his behalf. Although you are now the head of your department two years ago you worked directly with Kevin on the Ocean Exploration Program in Cameroon (page 473 in your Technical Communications textbook). Kevin has asked that your letter deal exclusively with his work on that project. Kevin like you was a manager of the project; you believe that it was largely through his technical expertise boundless energy and organizational skills that the project was so successful. He developed the technical plan of work that lead to the clear-cut set of findings. Write a letter that conveys this information to the branch manager considering Kevin for the promotion. Because the branch manager does not know the ins and outs of the Ocean Exploration Program on which you and Kevin worked your letter should mention some details from the Oceans Program.

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