keep in mind that increasing value for the firm does not necessarily  mean expan

keep in mind that increasing value for the firm does not necessarily mean expanding the business. Acquiring other firms conducting research and development or introducing new products and services might fall under the umbrella of value enhancement while in other cases it may mean downsizing rightsizing or even refining the products and services the firm offers. In a paper of approximately 1 500 words revisit the strategic alternatives and financial analysis recommendations that offer the greatest opportunities to add value to your firm and assess the risks of each. Use the information you have learned about your companys business model industry competition and target market. In the Strategic Alternatives Assessment you evaluated potential growth opportunities and strategies for your firm using a SWOT analysis to assess the advantages and disadvantages of each. Recapitulate your findings here in conjunction with any instructor feedback received identifying how you determined your proposed strategic alternative(s) and calculated potential inhibitors to each. Expand upon your initial proposed alternatives to include financial considerations. Throughout the course you have developed and submitted reports for your firm based on information that you and your CLC group have acquired and assessed. However it is equally important to consider what other information had you been able to locate it would have been of value in formulating recommendations. What information are you lacking that might assist you and your team in developing and suggesting value-enhancing strategic alternatives? What information are you lacking that would assist you and your team in better assessing and managing possible risks of the proposed alternatives? When it comes to making strategic recommendations to management financial considerations weigh significantly on the feasibility and viability of the available options. Revisit the Financial Analysis assignment and with the incorporation of any instructor feedback received reiterate your findings on the financial condition and performance of the firm respective to the risks and benefits of forming a strategic alliance profitability ratios and possible value-enhancing strategies. Given your instructors feedback and considering how the financial markets have changed since you submitted your Financial Analysis assignment how would you refine or update your assessment of the organizations current performance and financial strategies? How would you use a decision matrix to determine the risks of your suggested strategic alternative and the potential financial implications for your company of pursuing this alternative? Is the decision matrix an effective tool for predicting risk? Why or why not? How does the application of the decision matrix alter what you previously chose as the most advantageous strategy? Utilizing a risk matrix identify a minimum of 10 unique risks associated with the strategic alternative you believe will provide the most significant opportunity for your firm to add value. Choose two or three of the most critical risks and discuss their potential impacts on your selected alternative. Submit your risk matrix with your written response.

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