Joey the Dragon Joey is a little boy whose two teachers often find him challenging. They have a class of 12 children who are 3 “ 4 years old. Most of the time Joey does not want to participate in any activities the teachers have for the class each day. He wants to play with the trucks in the block center because thats his very favorite thing to do. If he is told to come over to the rug area for group time or if he is told to come over to the table for an art activity he yells NO!!!! and starts to breathe very heavily. He says he is a big dragon and will breathe fire everywhere if the adults try to make him move from the area. Joeys teachers dont really enjoy him. They will often argue with him for a few minutes and then just give up and ignore him allowing him to continue playing with the trucks in order to avoid a big disruption. They dont feel that Joeys parents would care if they were to call them in and talk to them about Joeys behavior and attitude so they have not reached out to them. Look back through the course and review the content youve explored so far. What concepts and strategies did you learn about that could help you in responding to the following questions? What are two (2) reasons Joey is likely behaving the way he is? What should the adults do first in order to help improve Joeys attitude? Identify 3 “ 4 strategies Joeys teachers can implement to help improve Joeys behavior. What are your thoughts on this situation in general that arent included in the previous questions? In a 1 “ 2 page paper written with proper spelling and grammar address the items above. Your paper should include the question number and the question followed by your written response. Be sure to cite any resources you use and put them in APA format.

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