Independent Project Rubric Individual Projects “ EBIO 3190, Tropical Marine Ecol

Independent Project Rubric Individual Projects “ EBIO 3190 Tropical Marine Ecology (20% of Total Grade) These individual projects will focus on the current challenges the ocean is facing from changing conditions based on anthropogenic (human-based) challenges. The goal of this project is to gain a wide breadth of knowledge about the overall issues and then take an in-depth look at one chosen issue. Reading Assignment and Summary: 20% of grade Please read the Special Report on Impacts of Humans on the Marine Environment. Students are required to write a summary of the above reading that is half a page (250 words max). This will account for 20% of the project grade. From these reading sections you may choose a topic for your individual project from the list below or come up with your own topic based on what you have read and what you are interested in. Potential Topics: Pollution & Microplastics Changing Temperatures & Bleaching Ocean Acidification Coastal Development Algal Blooms Noise Pollution Offshore Development Illegal / Unregulated / Overfishing Abandoned Fishing Equipment Habitat Destruction Sea Level Rise Tourism *Or come up with your own topic! (subject to approval) References: 30% of grade Students are required to utilize 5 original peer-reviewed sources. Each source should be summarized in words or less and the original documents should be provided to the instructor via PDF. A document should also be provided with the 5 references in MLA format. A guide for MLA format can be found on Canvas. Paper: 50% of grade Each paper should contain the following content: Source/history of the challenge “ how did it begin / what provoked it? Evolution of the problem “ how has it changed / worsened / improved over time? Damage done / potential damage of the challenge “ what resulted from the issue? Research on the challenge “ brief overview of studies surrounding the issue. Solutions / advancements to ameliorate the issue Papers should be no more than 3 pages double spaced (no more than 750 words). Please use Times New Roman size 12 font and 1 margins. Grading Grades will be broken down as follows: 20% Summary of textbook material 30% Use of primary literature (5 sources) and reference document 50% Paper content “ must include the 5 topics listed above

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